Professional Development

ITC offers Professional Development specifically designed for EFL and ESL educators.

You will receive a certificate of completion when you complete a module.
English Language Teaching Professional Development Certificate of completion of module
If you complete 12 modules, you will be eligible to undertake formal assessment tasks and receive an accredited Certificate IV in TESOL (11245NAT) issued by our partner Registered Training Organisation. (extra fees apply).

Our self-paced online modules are designed for:

  • new graduates who want to consolidate or refresh what they have learned during training
  • experienced teachers who want to keep abreast of current trends, technology and resources
  • teachers returning to the classroom after an absence
  • teachers who have NESB/EAD learners in their classes
  • meeting Continuing Professional Development requirements
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Written by English language teachers
for English language teachers

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Teach grammar

You might find grammar can be challenging to teach, especially if you are a native English speaker. Your intuitive understanding of the language, developed from being surrounded by it since birth, means you know the correct words, sentence structures, and verb tenses without actively thinking about the rules.
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Teach pronunciation

As an experienced ESL/EFL teacher, you have a strong grasp of pronunciation fundamentals. This module is designed to build on that foundation, enhancing your teaching strategies and expanding your expertise in pronunciation instruction.

Plan and organise lessons

As an experienced ESL/EFL teacher you will have been planning and organising lessons since you started your career. This module will assist you to review your current knowledge and skills as well as offering a fresh approach to lesson design and using activities to engage your learners. Alternatively, if you are a recent graduate you will find this module extremely useful in all aspects of lesson planning, learner engagement and classroom management.
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Design teaching resources

This module is designed to enhance your skills in developing and utilising effective learning materials tailored to your students' needs. You will discover how to identify or create resources that precisely address your students' requirements, taking into consideration your teaching environment and the unique characteristics of your learners.

Teach reading skills

By completing this module, you have the opportunity to gain skills in assessing students' reading ability using a variety of engaging activities. You’ll be shown how to pinpoint specific reading difficulties experienced by learners and develop targeted strategies to address these challenges.
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Teach writing skills

Teaching writing is one of the least favourite skills in a class for teachers and students alike. Throughout this module, you'll explore a variety of effective strategies and activities aimed at taking your learners' writing abilities to the next level while keeping them engaged.

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Teach speaking skills

Learning how to teach speaking is possibly the most overlooked skill, but it's definitely the most important. It's not just about giving learners the chance to chat; it's about teaching them about different speaking contexts such as how to structure a presentation vs how to participate in a discussion group.
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Teach listening skills

This module is all about improving your teaching listening skills using a range of strategies and fresh activities. You'll get some great tips on how to help your learners become better listeners and improve their listening abilities.

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Assess learners

Conducting assessment activities helps confirm your teaching methods are working and your students are achieving the learning objectives. But, have you ever wondered about the best time and the best way to test your students’ progress, and whether you are assessing the right ‘things’?
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Use technology to teach

In our world today, the Internet, computers, software, apps, AI and other technology are playing an ever-growing part in English language learning, which is why the contents of this module will be invaluable to you.

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TESOL methodologies

This module provides the skills and knowledge required to plan English language skills development and use a range of TESOL methods to meet the needs of your learners.

English language tests

This module helps you prepare learners for a range of different English language tests. You will research the English proficiency tests that are most appropriate for your learners and source activities for these tests.
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